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Lok Radio is Specially designed for nonstop Lok Geet Listener. Just play the songs and listen 24 hours of Nepali Lok Radio and Lok Geet. Please Share us. Thank You and comment us.

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Nepali Lok Geet

Listen nonstop Nepali Lok Geet and download them. You can listen 24 hours of lok songs in Lok Radio. Feel Free to Comment and Download lok songs and Nepali Songs.
Further more for selected lok geet please visit Nepali Lok geet. To listen more Lok geet you can visit Nepali Lok Songs and also listen Nepali novel and Shruti sambeg.

Nepali Lok Dohori Geet

Download Nepali Lok Dohari Geet audio in MP3 Format.

Download Nepali Lok Dohari MP3

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