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Welcome to Hamro Awaz. Hamro Awaz is completely Nepali Blog. This is the platform where you can listen Nepali Novel, Nepali Songs and watch Nepali Movie and videos. This Blog is totally devoted to those who like Nepali novels and Nepali literature. Nepali Novels from UNN 90 Radio program Shruti Sambeg can be listened here.

Hamro Awaz was firstly established to serve Nepali radios to the Nepalese who live abroad. After then we started to serve Nepali novel to the Nepali upanyas Lovers. People can listen and Download Nepali Novels from Shruti Sambeg on the voice of Achyut Ghimire.

These days, we are serving Nepali Novels, Nepali songs, Nepali movie to Nepalese who live inside and outside of the Nepal.
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