Damini Bhir

Damini Bhir, one of the Madan Puraskar winner Novel in Nepali Novels for the Year 2069 B.S. Nepali Novel Damini Bhir is Written By Rajan Mukarung. Rajan Mukarung has presented the Situation of the cold war period. He has presented the social, economical, cultural and political aspects of the contemporary period of Nepal. Damini Bhir can be listened and downloaded. Listen and Download audio version of Nepali Novel Damini Bhir from Shruti Sambeg with Achyut Ghimire.
Damini Bhir

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Listen and Download Madan Puraskar winner Nepali Novel audio of Damini Bhir.
Damini Bhir part 1

Download Damini Bhir part 1

Damini Bhir part 2

Download Damini Bhir part 2
Damini Bhir part 3

Download Damini Bhir part 3

Damini Bhir episode 4

Download Damini Bhir episode 4

Damini Bhir episode 5

Download Damini Bhir episode 5

Damini Bhir episode 6

Download Damini Bhir episode 6

Damini Bhir episode 7

Download Damini Bhir episode 7

Damini Bhir episode 8

Download Damini Bhir episode 8

Damini Bhir episode 9

Download Damini Bhir episode 9

Damini Bhir episode 10

Download Damini Bhir episode 10

Damini Bhir episode 11

Download Damini Bhir episode 11
Damini Bhir episode 12

Download Damini Bhir episode 12

Damini Bhir episode 13

Download Damini Bhir episode 13

Damini Bhir Last episode

Download Damini Bhir last episode


Manohar said...

Dear sir; not supported file episode 1 and 2 in my device: can u plz help me to download these files easily

Hamro Awaz said...

Some devices doesnot support direct play. So first download audio novel from Download Damini Bhir section, You will get MP3 format audio file and that will be supported for almost all device.

Ganesh Kshetri said...

U have told here Damini Bhir episode 8
Waiting.... Keep visiting.... What is it mean?? If there is other episodes then plz upload here

Thank U

Anonymous said...

the episode 1 posted here seems to be of Pradip Nepal's novel Barbarik instead of Damini bhir

Hamro Awaz said...

Thank you for your valuable comment. The problem is solved now. Now you can listen Damini bhir 1 easily.

SAO said...

there is still last episode missing of damini bhir...would u plzz upload the episode ...thank you

Anonymous said...

can u please update the remaining episode.. after 12th.. hope soon.

Anonymous said...

where is the last part of damanni vir?... please upload the last part....

Heman Shrestha said...

Sabai file haru lai zip ma aakai choti download garna option pani rakhana paya ramro huna thyo ke .

Suraj Shrestha said...


A.P. Suman said...

Sir, in my system 6th and last episode of damini bhir is nt being downloaded,,,,

saboz lamichhane said...

sir in my system last episode cannot be downloaded
may there is some problem

Hamro Awaz said...

Thank you Suraj Shrestha, A.P Suman and Saboz Lamichhane for your valuable comments. Now the problems are solved. Keep visiting and comment in my faults so that we can solve it. Thank you for loving Nepali Novel.

saboz lamichhane said...

Sir,Thanks to you for the solution.

If your Network is Slow downloading may be error. At that time for full download use Download Managers.

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