Sanskar | Bhoot | Rajendra Bimal ka Kathaharu

Sanskar and Bhoot is from Story collection Rajendra Bimal ka Katha Haru. Rajendra Bimal Ka Katha Haru is written by Dr. Rajendra Bimal. This story collection is published by Bagar Foundation Nepal. Listen Nepali Story Sanskar and Bhoot from Shruti Sambeg.

Nepali Story Sanskar is about Hindu Women and it describes the culture of Hindu female. Listen Story Sanskar by Rajendra Bimal.

Similarly Nepali Story Bhoot is about descrimination of Tarai region. This story describes the condition of Terai Region. Listen Nepali audio Stories from Shruti Sambeg.

Listen Nepali Story Sanskar and Bhoot

Listen to audio Nepali Novel Likhe by Sarad Poudel in the voice of Achyut Ghimire. Likhe Novel presents different Subject matter of society.
Sanskar and Bhoot

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