Rabindra Mishra ka Kabita

Rabindra Mishra well known Radio Host of BBC Nepali. Rabindra Mishra has wrote poems. His Poem Collection Named "Rabindra Mishra Ka Kabita" has recently published from Pragya Pratisthan Kamaladi. Rabindra Mishra Ka Kabita includes 52 Poems. In Pragya Bhawan Dabali he read out his beautiful poems. He started poem with title Aama. He read out poem more than dozan from his creation. This program was performed in behalf of Fine Prints.
Rabindra Mishra
The inauguration program was hosted by Nabaraj Lamsal who was welcomed by Ajit Baral.
Rabindra Mishra said Poem is World's Powerful way and female listen less poem than male.
Some of the poem can be heard over here. These poems are from Ekal Kabita Bachan from Ujyaalo 90 Network.

Listen Rabindra Mishra Ka Kabita

Listen Ekal Kabita Bachan by Rabindra Mishra from Ujyaalo 90 Network Radio with Achyut. Before Ekal Kabita Bachan he wrote many book as Bhumadhya Rekha | Rabindra Mishra. For more radio programs on Nepali Literature visit Nepali FM.

Rabindra Mishra Ka Kabita

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