"Prayosala" is written by Sudheer Sharma. Sudheer Sharma is Editor in Chief of Napali National Daily Newspaper Kantipur. Prayogshala is released at Hotel Annapurna in presence of Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal (UCPN) Maoist, Nepali Congress leader Pradeep Giri and other National figure of Nepal.
Prayogshala book revolves around the Maoist insurgency, deposed monarchy and the role of New Delhi in Nepal's period of political transition and reveals secret of political activities of Nepal.
Prayogshala book has been published by Fine Prints. 'Nepali Sena: Nagarik Niyantranka Chunauti' is the first book of Sudheer Sharma which was published in 2067 B.S.
You can listen Audio version of Nepali Novel from the radio program Shruti Sambeg. Listen and download Audio of Nepali Novel. We have many audio version of Nepali Novel. Presently we don't have Audio version of Prayogsal book. After we get source of Prayogshala audio from the radio program Shurti Sambeg we will post on this. Only after that you can listen and download audio version of Nepali Book Prayogshala.

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