Agnibatika is great Nepali Novel written by Tarini Prasad Koirala. Agnibatika was first published in 2068 B.S. This Nepali novel is distributed by oriental publication. You can listen audio version of Nepali Novel Agnibatika from the Ujjalo 90 Network program Shruti Sambeg with the crystal clear voice of Achyut Ghimire. For More Nepali Novel audio please visit us regularly.

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Listen and download Nepali Novel Agnibatika By Tarini Prasad Koirala.
Agnibatika Part 1

Download Agnibatika part 1
Agnibatika Part 2

Download Agnibatika part 2
Agni batika Part 3

Download Agni batika part 3
Agni batika Part 4

Download Agni batika part 4
Agni batika Part 5

Download Agni batika part 5
Agni batika Part 6

Download Agni batika part 6
Agni batika Part 7

Download Agni batika part 7
Agni batika Part 8

Download Agni batika part 8
Agni batika Part 9

Download Agni batika part 9
Agni batika Part 10

Download Agni batika part 10
Agni batika Part 11

Download Agni batika part 11
Agni batika Part 12

Download Agni batika part 12
Agnibatika Part 13

Download Agni batika part 13


Anonymous said...

part 6 khoi ta ni 2070/11/20 ko? download link khoi?

Anonymous said...

part 6 is same as part 5..please update the file....

Anonymous said...

Eposide 6 of Agnibatika is not getting download Please make this downloadable.

Anonymous said...

Eposide 6 of Agnibatika is not getting download Please make this downloadable.

Hamro Awaz said...

Thank you for your valuable comments. Problem solved in 6th part of Nepali Novel Agnibatika.. Please feel free to comment in other defect.

Anonymous said...

part 12 ko full chaina ??

ram prajapati said...

part 12 is not full. Please upload full part...

Hamro Awaz said...

Thank You for your valuable comment Ram Prajapati. Now the problem is solved. Thank you for loving Famous Nepali Novel. Keep visiting and feel free to Comment on our faults. Thank You.

JKL said...

Thanks for updating all the files.

Prabin Bhujel said...

Part 2,6 and 10 Are not downloadable.Can you fix this problem?

If your Network is Slow downloading may be error. At that time for full download use Download Managers.

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