Lakure Bhanjyang

Lakure Bhanjyang is popular among those who like Nature and Natural beauty. Lakure Bhanjyang is Popular because the top view of Kathmandu Valley including three districts Kathmandu , Lalitpur and Bhaktapur can be seen so clearly. The cold breeze of Kathmandu Valley add excitement to viewer who reach Lakure Bhanjyang to view the mountain range.

Lakure Bhanjyang is situated at about 13 kilometers from Gwarko, Ring Road, Lalitpur.  One can access easily to Lakure Bhanjyang through private vehicle or public transportation but mountain biking or biking is more exciting one.

Kathmandu Valley
Kathmandu Valley
Mountain Range form Lakure Bhanjyang
Mountain Range from Lakure Bhanjyang

One can start journey from Gwarko to east ward. Journey to the Heaven of Kathmandu Valley starts from Gwarko, Imadol, Siddipur, Lubhu, Lamatar, Dhungin and finally climbing 4 kilometers of slope there comes Lakure Bhanjyang.

Lakure Bhanjyang is being Popular picnic spot of Kathmandu Valley.

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