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Now its easy to Earn Money Online In Nepal because you can do online job in Nepal just staying at home or anywhere. Online jobs are very important for the self employed person. specially in the countries like Nepal where there is lack of opportunities of job it plays vital role for in the life.

Earn Money Online In Nepal

If you are from the Kathmandu, Nepal, you may be familiar with the online job to earn money from home. But if you don't know about how to earn Dollars working from home start from Online Job In Nepal, this post may help you to earn money easily. The service provider pays you money for the work that you do for them. The online work may be any type. Today I am going to talk about the online job that provide service of online job in Nepal for writing article. The blog is all about the topics that are mentioned on it. It pays money for the online works only. You just need to write the article on the topics that is given. You may write the article in word or text pad format and send them to the given email address with your name and number.

Earn Money online in Nepal

Online Jobs

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Online Job In Nepal

This online job is available to those person who has mobile phone number within the country Nepal because the way of payment is through SMS and Balance Transfer. If you fulfill all rules and write quality writings you will get paid through the Balance Transfer Method or you will get recharge card's pin code of amount 100 rupees (Hundred Rupees only) within one weeks of submission of your article.

I have tried 5 times and my articles are selected twice and I got balance transfer to my mobile. As I like novels I wrote the article on Nepali Novel from which I got paid. It may be few amount for many but for me it good amount coz I wrote article in just 15 to 20 minutes and I got paid 100 rupees each.

I Just share this article because while listening Novels on my blog one can work alone with listening and earn money too. Its just utilization of time.


Anonymous said...

How can I get that job, please send me some information!

sunil rimal said...

hmm i found it more good !! payment through recharge card .. i'm seeking online job .. you can call my no. 9843590478 . so that i can know all the things more detaily. Thank you sincerly , sunil rimal

Shiva Aryal said...

hy how can i get online job

julia watson said...

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Ishara Dahal said...

Ohh such a god job where i can get recharge in my mb.... such a easy job that i was seeking for thank u.. ...vut i gav to inbox my number or not ciz i m insecure to share mu number to all .??

Yushoda Karkie said...

In which topic do i have to write an article let me interested

Yushoda Karkie said...

In which topic do i have to write an article let me interested

Hemanta Kumar Shrestha said...

And you guys will send that article to freelancing website like and get paid in $ min 5$ ... minimum 400 commission wow.

Techy hum said...

Without Website How I Earn money from direct link ads posting on Facebook or social Media sites Earn Money Online Daily up to $2

Anil thing said...

How can i got that ha

Anil thing said...

How can i got that ha

Tony Romo said...

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mig multi said...

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Anonymous said...

hey bro.thanks for all the information above.. need a lil more favour. whats the website or do you have any number for that article writing job? plz make a reply bro.m waiting eagerly..

mukunda said...

sir nice post. thank you for the amazing article.
Sir i have a question?
can we use bitcoin in nepal.

Boon tech said...

Great blog post, Especially for those who are looking for android freelance jobs

Boon tech said...

Great blog post, Especially for those who are looking for android freelance jobs

Unknown said...

Jobs you can do online

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