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Nepali Ramayan

Bhanubhakta had translated the Ramayan from Sanskrit to Nepali language. Since the Nepali listener and readers had got oppertunity to listen and read Nepali Ramayan in Nepali language. Bhanubhakta is entitled as Aadhi kabi is has great influence in the Nepali Liturature. Ramayan is the Ancient Religious Novel of Hindus. Nepali Ramayan is translate Nepali Novel by Bhanubhakta.
Nepali Ramayan By Bhanubhakta

Bhanubhakta Ramayan

Listen Bhanubhakta Ramayan in Nepali from here and you can download Nepali Ramayan to your own system.
1. Nepali Ramayan, Baal Kanda

Download Ramayan Baal Kanda

2. Nepali Ramayan, Ayoddhya Kanda

Download Ramayan Ayodhya Kanda

3. Nepali Ramayan, Aranya Kanda

Download Ramayan Aranya Kanda

4. Nepali Ramayan, Kishkanyaa Kanda

Download Ramayan Kiskinda Kanda

5. Nepali Ramayan, Sundar Kanda

Download Ramayan Sundar Kanda

6. Nepali Ramayan, Yudha Kanda

Download Ramayan Yuddha Kanda 1

Download Ramayan Yuddha Kanda 2

Download Ramayan Yuddha Kanda 3

7. Nepali Ramayan, Uttar Kanda

Download Ramayan Uttarkhand Kanda 1

Download Ramayan Uttarkhand Kanda 2

Listen Nepali Ramayan

To listen Nepali Ramayan written by Bhanubhakta please play button. You can listen online Nepali Ramayan here. Ramayan Episode: Ramayan Baal Kanda

Ramayan Episode: Ramayan Ayodhya Kanda

Nepali Ramayan : Ramayan Baal Kanda Bhanubhakta has translated Ramayan in such a simple language that everyone can understand the epic easily.

Nepali Ramayan : Ramayan Ayodhya Kanda Bhanubhaka has defined the Ayodhya Kanda in translated Ramayan in very simple way.

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