Khalangama Hamala | Radha Poudel

Khalangama Hamala

ISBN No : 9-789937-874007
Writer : Radha Poudel
Publisher : Nepalaya
Language : Nepali

Khalangama Hamala Book

Khalangama Hamala is book written by Radha Poudel. Khalangama Hamala is Madan Puraskar Winner of 2070 B.S. Radha Poudel is third women to win Prestigious prize Madan Puraskar after Parijat "Bishnu Kumari Waiwa" for Shirish Ko Phool in 2022 B.S and Jhamak Kumari Ghimire for Jeevan Kada ki Phool in 2067 B.S. Khalanga ma Hamala is based on the attack during Maoist Period in Khalanga headquarter of Jumla on 14th November 2002. Khalangama Hamala is published by Napalaya Publication.
Radha Poudel

Paudel witnessed the poverty that everyone talks about in the Karnali zone. The book is largely about the night of the attack but also on the injustice that poverty wrings, the inequality between the Capital and Karnali, and the vast difference between policymakers and people in Jumla.

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