Shirish Ko Phool

Shirish Ko Phool
Shirish ko Phool is one of the best Nepali Novel of Parijat. Shirish is the beautiful flower, shirish is also known as Mimosa. Parijat originally known as Bishnu Kumari Waiwa is great Nepali Novelist who has won prestigious Madan Puraskar for her great Nepali Novel Shirish ko Phool. Blue Mimosa is the translated version of the novel Shirish ko Phool. Here you can listen this great and famous Nepali Novel from the Radio program Shruti Sambeg on the crystal clear voice of the RJ Achyut Ghimire.

Shirish ko Phool | Parijat

Parijat originally known as Bishnu Kumari Waiwa is the writer of the novel Shirish Ko Phool. This online Novel shirish ko phool is in audio version and you can listen this novel from the radio program Shruti Sambeg.

Shirish Ko Phool Part 1

Shirish Ko Phool Part 2

Shirish Ko Phool Part 3

Shirish Ko Phool Part 4

Shirish Ko Phool Ko Bhumika & story ‘Maile Najanmayeko Chhora’

sirish ko phool and siris ko phool are same.
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