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This Book Soch is written by Karna Shakya. Soch is Self esteem type book. Here is its Audio version. The concept and arrangemen for the audio book was Rabindrasingh Baniya. Soch is in the voice of Laxman Ses and Radhika Baniya , Recording and mixing are done by Bikash Gurung and Binayak Aryal

Karna Shakya

Karna Shakya
Karna Shakya, The leading business man and Natural conversationalist of Nepal has written many books. He Is also founder of Kathmandu Guest house of Themal, Kathmandu.

Listen Soch by Karna Shakya

You can listen Soch by Karna Shakya by clicking play button. You can only listen Soch but cannot download Soch due to some copy right issues. This is not Nepali Novel, Its self esteem type writings and is not read out from Shruti sambeg. Even the voice are so good to listen. Please listen Soch.
Introduction : Soch by Karna Shakya Audio Book

Soch by Karna Shakya Part- 1- Nepal Khattam Chaina

Soch by Karna Shakya Part-2 : Sakaratmak Soch ko Sakti

Soch by Karna Shakya Part-3- Prajatantra ko Pandorabox

Soch by Karna Shakya Part-4- Ghumifiri Rumjatar

Soch by Karna Shakya Part-5- Farkera Herau

Soch by Karna Shakya Part-6- Banbas Tira

Soch by Karna Shakya Part-7- Tudikhel dekhi Keshar Mahal Samma

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anurag mahat said...

thankx for writing such an impressive book....which i ever system is also very good....i think the soch book is changing the soch of nepalese people towards their country and people living in it....

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