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Nepali Songs

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Nepali song

Nepalese feel proud when they say, we are "Nepali". When they listen to nepali songs they feel motherland. Songs of Nepali language make Nepalese together even when they are far away from their country Nepal. These days most of the song is in "MP3" format. MP3 are audio format which occupies less mb and it facilitates to download music.

Nepali songs

Songs known as Geet in Nepali language. The history of Nepali songs began from ancient time with the development of classical music and Nepali native language. Nepal is the country rich in music and musical instruments as well as songs of different catagories. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa, these seven notes in different arrangements has made the Nepali songs more melodious. Nepali music is well known as Nepali songs in Nepal, has different categories of songs and expanding with many music album (songs album) in the locality of Nepal and Nepali songs industry. Sometimes usually a short piece of music with words which are sung in festivals and gathering has developed Nepali songs more differently. Nepali songs can be categorized and some of them are the blue prints music to identify the certain ethnic group and their locations.
Nepali people use to express their feelings to each other in the form of Nepali songs or Nepali music same as novels . The act of singing has categorized Nepali songs in different categories eg lok songs, Deuda songs, Dohari songs (Lok Dohari songs), thet folk songs, modern songs and many more.

Lok Songs

Lok Songs are one of the most popular songs in Nepal and in the Nepali people who loves music and live all over this musical glove. Lok songs has great value in Nepali songs industry as most of Nepali songs album are Lok songs album. Since lok songs can be sung everywhere people prefer to sing lok songs as the most favourite one. On this category many more songs can be catagorised, Some of these Nepali music are catagorised below.

Deuda Songs

Deuda songs has different flavor than other Nepali songs. Deuda specially from Sudur Pachim Nepal is the symbol of unity. People from western Nepal gather to sing this song. Usually people more than thousand gather on open space and start singing and dancing at a same time without any musical instrument. The chorus from the group of people make the whole environment melodious. Deuda, the local singsong of western Nepal is famous because of its dance too. People can express any kind of feeling through Deuda. That’s why this one of popular Nepali song. Deuda the local Nepali song has more than thousand song albums.

Lok Dohari

Another popular Nepali music is Lok Dohari. This is act of singing a song usually takes place between two person or two groups. People use to sing the song of this catagtory of the Nepali song to express the feeling of love or joy. Lok Dohari falls in folk music category in Nepali songs. Lok Dohari is very popular between teen age group to middle aged grouped people. Since majority of people like these songs, this category is bookmarked by many people. Listening music depends upon the age groups. Usually teen aged group like love songs in the form of folk Nepali song whereas elderly people like Nepali classical songs, Nepali raga, Nepali adhunik songs, Nepali bhajans which are slow one. These days Nepali lok dohari is famous in musical Nepali restaurants, Nepali dance bar, Nepali acaustic hall as well as in some unique discos in Nepal too. “Simsime pani ma”, “Panko Pat”, “Resham firiri, Resham firiri” are some of the most popular Nepali lok songs of this category and are considered as evergreen Nepali songs.
According to the latest research ‘Resham Firiri, Resham firiri’ is the most popular song of the foreign tourist who visit Nepal as tourist. This is Nepali lok song which is categorized in typical Nepali classical folk song. Nepali Folk song is famous as song of these categories are sung to express joy, sorrow as well as to express romantic love to the listeners or Nepali lok geet.

Modern Songs

Nepali modern songs locally known as Nepali adhunik songs are another category which I like most. After the arrival of the veteran Nepali singer Narayan Gopal In Nepali song industry, the history of Nepali music get milestone in Nepali modern songs as well as Nepali singer history. Narayan Gopal is favourite singer among Nepali music listeners. Even he is no more in this physical song world, songs sung by him are being played in music systems, stereos by his fan in this musical globe. His pleasant voice cann’t be avoided. “malai nasodha, kaha dukhcha ghau”, “parkhi base, aula bhani” are his super hit Nepali song. Most of Nepalese does have Narayan Gopal’s mp3 song on their music players.
In this category the most popular Nepali female singer is Tara Devi, the lady with extra ordinary vocal and sweet voice. Most of the people in Nepal consider her as singing bird of Nepal.

Nepali songs

Palpasa Cafe, Adha Baato, Pagal Basti, Radha, Jhola, Romeo And Juliet, Sumnima, Maile Saritako Hatya Garidiye, Paribhasit Aakhaharu, Babu aama ra Chora, The scarlet letter - Kalankini, Cleopatra, Tin Ghumti, Eleven Minutes, The Good Earth, The Alchemist, Anabrit, Akhet, Paniko Gham, Communist, Dash Lahar Katha, ek haatko taali, story of Maxim Gorky, Durbhikshya, Chyatna nasakeko chitthi, Muglaan, Neela Aakhwali, Naagpash, Kalankini,
Deuki, Prastab Prem, Karagar,
Lahure Bhaisi

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