Sajha Yatayat

Sajha Yatayat, the most oldest and the first cooperative public transportation service of Nepal has historical background since it was established in 1961/ 1962. Sajha Yatayat was the most popular transportation service of Nepal at that time. Since the Sajha bus provide efficient service the good will of the this public transportation is still good.
very old Sajha Yatayat
old Sajha Yatayat
After a decades after 12 years of its closing, Sajha yatayat finally started its service from 2013.
Sajha Yatayat

Sajha Yatayat Route

There are two routes of Sajha Yatayat. Route No 1 : Lagankhel - Jawalakhel - Tripureswar - NAC - Kantipath - Teaching - Maharajgunj - Basundhara and Gongabu New Bus Park and back same way.
Route No 2 : Kalanki - Kalimati - Tripureswar - Maitighar - New Baneswar - Tinkune - Sinamangal - TIA Airport and back same way.
Sajha Yatayat route
Address: Pulchok, Lalitpur
Phone : 5524679, 5552686
Sajha Yatayat contact
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