Lolita is written by Vladimir Nabokov. This novel Lolita is the world Famous novel and also considered as the Most controversial Novel. The Novel Lolita is in Audio version in Nepali Language. Lolita is translated by Kesari Humagain in Nepali Language. You can listen lolita in the voice of Achyut Ghimire from BBC fm and Download Lolita Episode from here. Achyut Ghimire is famous RJ of Shruti sambeg which is related to Nepali Novel and Nepali Gazal.

Lolita by Nobokov

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Download Lolita Episode 1

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Download Lolita Episode 6


Anonymous said...

"Episode 2" is corrupted plz reupload it.

Aman Phanju said...

Onlyn sunnu mildaina ta k vako

Aman Phanju said...

Onlyn sunnu mildaina ta k vako hola

debu ts said...

भाग दुई र चार को त साउण्ड नै बुझीदैन त किन यस्तो भाको ? कृपया केही उपाय भए बताई दिनु हुन्थ्योकी !

debu ts said...

Episode 2 and 4 corrupted plz load again

Ups Bris said...

Earphone use garnu hos

If your Network is Slow downloading may be error. At that time for full download use Download Managers.

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