Seto Dharti

Seto Dharti is Madan Puraskar Winner Nepali Novel written by Amar Neupane. In this Novel, the writer has described the story of the women named Tara who got married at the age of seven and become widow at the age of nine. The flow of the language on novel "Seto Dharti" is so good and Amar Neupane has described the feelings in the heart touching way. You can listen other Novels on Shruti Sambeg. Seto Dharti is Recorded in Audio format by Achyut Ghimire. so listening and downloading audio of Seto Dharti is included here. But you can get download link on this site for the Novel, Please find yourself. Thank You.
Seto Dharti

Listen Seto Dharti

Listen Seto Dharti by Amar Neupani
Seto Dharti Part 1

Seto Dharti Part 2

Seto Dharti Part 3

Seto Dharti Part 4

Seto Dharti Part 5

Seto Dharti Part 6

Seto Dharti Part 7

Seto Dharti Part 8

Seto Dharti Part 9

Seto Dharti Part 10

Seto Dharti Part 11

Seto Dharti Part 12

Seto Dharti Part 13

Seto Dharti Part 14

Seto Dharti Part 15

You can download Audio Version of Seto Dharti By right clicking and save as option in the Player.


bishal poudel said...

Please could you put the download link of seto dharti on shruti sambeg, i would be very grateful to you.hoping to get positive response from you.

Piyush Soti said...

Actually, there is no listening version of the recent "madan puraskar" winning novel "Seto Dharti". I tried to search everywhere in "Shruti Sambeg" but I couldn't find it. Is there?? Hamro Awaz is falsely claiming about this.

Hamro Awaz (Milan) said...

Thank you for your valuable comment Piyush Soti Jee. Ya there's not audio version of Seto Dharti till now and I haven't claimed that Hamroawaz has the audio version of Seto Dharti from the Shruti Sambeg.

Anonymous said...

Must read novel. heart touching <3

uzumaki shrestha said...

i also want to listen the novel Seto Dharti but i can't find it any where can someone please tell me the site or where i can find it in audio version.. i hope for positive respons

Anonymous said...

यो सेतो धर्ति को अडियो कहिले आउछ होला? कृपया जानकारी पाउ न

Anonymous said...

waiting for seto dharti on audio !

sujan kunwar said...

please upload all the audio of seto dharti... its very interesting but i found only two of the parts. please wating for other parts to be uploaded

Rohit Shrestha said...

can u upload the rest of the episodes of seto dharti thankyou

hariyali said...

seto dharti ko 1 part nai sunna mil daai nani

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say when we can listen shruti sambeg in fm??

bibek baniya said...

episode 16 ko audio kaile upload hunexa????

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