Atma Britanta | B.P Koirala

Atma Britanta is written by B.P Koirala. In this Nepali novel B.P Koirala has described his autobiography. He has described the ups and downs of his life. listen Atma Britanta form here.
Atma Britanta
Atma Britanta Part 1

Atma Britanta Part 2

Atma Britanta Part 3

Atma Britanta Part 4

Atma Britanta Part 5


Ganesh Pandey said...

Please give the download link for this also.

Anonymous said...

Download link khai???? chito chiyo

shyam pandey udash said...

download like ???

If your Network is Slow downloading may be error. At that time for full download use Download Managers.

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