Cleopatra is the World famous novel. Cleopatra was translated to Nepali language and the audio version of Nepali Novel can be listen through the radio Program Shruti Sambeg on Achyut Ghimire's voice. Beside you can listen many famous and popular Nepali Novels on this blog, enjoy listening Nepali Novels.

Cleopatra: Being an Account of the Fall and Vengeance of Harmachis is a novel written by the author H. Rider Haggard the author of King Solomon's Mines and She.The book was first printed in 1889.The story is set in the Ptolemaic era of Ancient Egyptian history and revolves around the survival of a Dynasty bloodline protected by the Priesthood of Isis. The main character Harmachis (the living descendant of this Bloodline) is charged by the Priesthood to overthrow the supposed imposter Cleopatra, drive out the Romans and restore Egypt to its Golden era.

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