Tihar Song | Tihar Dhun

Tihar is the festival of flowers and Lights. Tihar is celebrated by Hindus during October. In Nepal, During Tihar Deusi and Bhailo songs are famous during Tihar. Tihar is also known as Dipawali as it is celebrated by lighting candles in all community. During Tihar Hindus worship mata Laxmi, the goddess of Wealth. Beside you can listen Dashain Dhun from Dashain Dhun
Tihar Song

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1. Deusi Re

2. Tiharai Aayo Lau Jhilimili

3. Bhailini Aayin Aagana

Listen Tihar Dhun

4. Tihar Dhun

5. Diyo Baali Sanjha ko

6. Bhailini Bhailo

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