Meena Cartoon

Meena Cartoon
Meena is a fictional character of well known cartoon show "Meena Cartoon". Meena Cartoon is published by UNICEF through Hanna-Barbera Cartoons. This was first appeared as Comics and later on it was converted to cartoon show. Meena cartoon is very Popular in South Asian countries as Nepal, India, Bangaladesh, Srilanka etc. This Cartoon is available in English, Urdu, Bangala, Nepali, Hindi and many more. The credit of creation of Meena Cartoon goes to ToonBangla.

Meena Animated Gif
In this Cartoon the three main characters Meena his brother Raju and her parrot Mithu plays vital role in spreading health education in her society. Besides Meena Cartoon deals with disease and its remedies, hygiene and benefits of education.

Meena Cartoon in Nepali

Though Meana cartoon is available in Urdu, Bangala, Hindi, we are presenting Nepalese versions only.
  1. Count your Chicken | Meena Cartoon
  2. Will Meena Leave School | Meena Cartoon
  3. Story of Ranu | Meena Cartoon
  4. Its Got To Be Boy | Meena Cartoon
  5. Too Young To Marry | Meena Cartoon
  6. Savina a Life | Meena Cartoon
  7. Who is Afraid of Bully | Meena Cartoon
  8. Take Care of Girls


Pooja Pradhananga said...

thought Meena Cartoon was in Nepali, but it's in english.

Anonymous said...

It was Made UNICEF for South asia

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