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Listen Bigyaapan by Maha Jodi. Bigyaapan is theaterical show about the old man Madan Krishna Shrestha who got old. As he got old and his wife in drama passed away long before wants to marry second time. That's why he tell about this to his friends. But his son in law in drama Hari Bamsa Acharya publish Bigyaapan in Gorkhapatra. The story is around these topics. Beside Raja Ram poudel, Kiran K.C are also work as supporting actor in this act. Listen More audios of Maha Jodi from Maha Jodi and for more Nepali comedy visit Nepali Comedy.

Listen Bigyaapan by Maha Jodi

Bigyaapan part 1

Bigyaapan part 2

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