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Kunti Moktan is famous Nepali singer with lots of Nepali song. Having clear voice and choosing catchy lyrics Kunti Moktan's Song is very popular. Most of the Moktan's songs are based eastern Nepali lok flavor. Being wife of musician Shila Bahadur Moktan, Kunti's art of singing has improved significantly. She has two daughters Sital Moktan and Suvani Moktan, both of them have music album in Nepali songs. Listen heart touching music and song of Kunti Moktang. Songs titled AAKHAN_PHARPHARYO.mp3, BASIRAHE_AAKANTAMA.mp3, BHANCHHAN_KOHI.mp3, DHARAN DHANKUTA, SUNKAI_BHAU_CHHA.mp3, JatiMariMetepan, Kati Maya Lagcha, are the most famous one. Enjoy listening Nepali Songs of Kunti Moktang.
Kunti Moktan

Kunti Moktan Songs

Listen super hit Nepali Songs and Instrumental of Kunti Moktan. Here you can find best songs of Kunti Moktan. Listen and download Best Nepali songs of Kunti Moktan from Hamro Awaz.

Nepali song by Kunti Moktan

Enjoy listening famous Nepali Songs By Kunti Moktan.

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