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Nepali Children Songs

Children Songs are very popular during childhood. Same as there are many Nepali Children Songs well known as Nepali Baal Geet in Nepali Schools. Here are few Nepali children songs and Music from classic Nepali children songs collection.
Nepali Children Songs

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Listen Children songs from from the playlist. These are Collection of Nepali Baal Geet. Listen Baal Geet and download them. Feel Free to Comment and Download classical Nepali Children Songs.
Nepali Children songs includes songs like Kopila Hu, The More We Get Together, Basuriko Dhunsanga, Hot Cross Buns, Ka Kha Ga Gha, One One Sun, Maro Gau Jyamire, Ding Dong Bell, Malekhuko pul bhatkiyo, Nepalka Hami Sana, This Old Man, Batoma Yeuta Kamila Cha, My Bonnie, Row Row Row Your Boat, Karyasil Jindagi, Jun Deshko Matoma, to the tune of My Fair Lady, Instrumental, aaitabar bihan, Children Songs, Nepali school in USA, Hui khola ko pani
Nepali Children Songs titles

Furthermore you can listen Nepali Instrumental songs from Background Music | Shruti Sambeg | Radio Bachan or Nepali Lok Songs, To listen Lok songs you can visit Nepali Lok Songs.Further more listen Nepali novel and Shruti sambeg. These Children Songs are specially designed for My Bhanja Samyek, "Children songs for Samyek"

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