Arun Thapa

Arun Thapa
Arun Thapa is Well known singer in Nepali Music sector. Famous singer Arun Thapa has Given many well known song to Nepali Music industry. Arun Thapa can be listen online here. Moreover you can listen and download Arun Thapa's songs. Arun Thapa has contributed his whole life to Nepali Music industry and given many single and duet centimental songs as Chot k ho Betha k ho, Ma roye pani timi, Bhulu Bhulu lagyo malai to Nepal. Arun Thapa Contributed Adhunik geet to Nepal where as other bands like Kutumba and Shur Sudha has famous instrumental music of classical folk songs of different flavor and taste. Here are full Nepali adhunik songs of Arun Thapa where you can listen and download Music from Popular Nepali singer Arun Thapa.

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Listen modern music from the playlist. These are Collection of Latest music collection from Nepali Artist singer Arun Thapa. Listen Arun Thapa online and download them. Feel Free to Comment and Download adhunik Arun Thapa Songs.

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